Kola peninsula

15-20 September 2018

During this tour, the participants visited unique geological sites on the territory of the Kola Peninsula. We got acquainted with the geological structure of the Khibiny massif, visited the tinguaite dikes, molibdenite tunnel, pyrrhotite gorge. Also, we visited such places as Monchegorsk massif (complex Cu-Ni-Cr-PGE mineralization: low-sulphide PGE-Cu-Ni ores of the horizon 330 of the Sopcha massif, sulfide veins of the Nittis massif, chromite ores of the Sopcheozero Deposit and Cu-Ni-Co ores of the Nyud massif), Kovdor (deposits of iron ore, vermiculite and phlogopite). There was also an excursion to the laboratory of the Geological Institute of the Kola scientific Center of RAS and the mineralogical Museum. Our Chapter expresses gratitude to the staff of the KSC for the excursions: E. L. Kunakkuzin, M. V. Sidorov, P. V. Pripachkin, and also to the senior geologist of the Kovdor iron ore refinery A.A. Zavyalov. The guests of our tour were representatives of Baltic SGA Student Chapter and Siberian student Chapter.